Transforming Africa

General Assembly 3:  Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural

  • Measures to prevent and treat infectious diseases in Southeast Africa
  • Addressing and lowering child malnutrition in the Horn of Africa
  • Strategies to promote sexual health education for adolescent girls in the Horn of Africa

General Assembly 4:  Special Political and Decolonization Committee

  • Measures of addressing the tension between Israel and Palestine
  • Measures of addressing the territorial disputes in the South China Sea
  • Measures to combat organized crime within African nations

Human Rights Commission:

  • Ensuring equal educational opportunities for children with disabilities in East Africa
  • Ensuring access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all Africans
  • Aiding the internally displaced women in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Economic and Social Council:

  • Addressing the issue of Zimbabwe's financial and political crisis
  • Assessing and minimizing the harmful effects of pests on Southern African crops
  • Strategies to address the effects of the drought in southeastern Africa on trade 

Environment Commission:

  • Measures to combat mismanaged waste disposal
  • Measures to promote sustainable land and forestry management
  • Reduce the vulnerability of African nations to climate-related extreme events

Disarmament Commission:

  • Improving weapon and ammunition stockpile management in African countries
  • Investigating the allegations of chemical and biological weapons abuses in Syria
  • Preventing the illegal manufacturing of weapons and ammunition in Africa

Security Council:

  • The situation of the Boko Haram insurgency
  • The situation of the Mexican Drug War
  • The situation of the Somali Civil War

Advisory Panel on the Question Of:

The Approval Panel will consist of member states, political parties, and humanitarian organizations.Representatives will prepare a summary of the situation and propose a plan of action.  The Approval Panel will report its plan of action to the Secretary General.

  • The situation in South Sudan
    • Preventing ethnic violence
    • Enforcing peace agreements
    • Improving conditions for internally displaced persons
    • Addressing famine 

Historic Security Council:

  • Partition of Palestine in 1947
  • Assassination of Franz Ferdinand in 1914





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