Transforming Africa

General Assembly 3:

  • Eliminating female genital mutilation as a cultural practice in the Middle East and Africa  
  • Protecting the rights of the Palestinians in Israeli-occupied territories, including East Jerusalem
  • Addressing the food security crisis in the Horn of Africa 

General Assembly 4:

  • Protecting the right to self-determination of the Sahrawi people in the Western Sahara 
  • Measures to promote the sustainable militarization of space
  • The question of national sovereignty when intervening to fight terrorist groups  

Human Rights Commission:

  • Protecting the rights of refugees and internally displaced persons, with a focus on East Africa and Syria
  • Protecting the rights of LGBTQ people in Africa 
  • Assessing the human rights situation of women and minority groups in the Middle East
  • Addressing the human rights violations caused by insurgent activities of the Boko Haram

Economic and Social Council:

  • Addressing the link between drug trafficking and the financing of terrorism 
  • Accelerating development in post-conflict zones
  • Creation of a free trade zone in Africa

 Environment Commission:

  • Strategies to ensure the implementation and use of renewable energy
  • Measures to combat soil degradation and its effects in Africa
  • Measures to resolve the water conflict in the Nile Basin

 Disarmament Commission:

  • The question of limiting Daesh and the Boko Haram terrorist groups’ access to small arms
  • Preventing unofficial military action in the Middle East and Northern Africa
  • Addressing the issue of conflict minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Measures to limit states’ arms expenditures

Security Council:

  • The situation in the Central African Republic, including such issues as the state of refugee camps (sexual abuse charges, in particular); political tensions; recovery from civil war; refugee displacement; access to resources (especially food and water) for conflict-torn areas; and economic development toward stability.
  • The Situation in the Ukraine, including such issues as illegal coal mines; freedom of speech – oppressed media; sanctions and embargo; and civil war. 
  • The Situation in Syria, including such issues as civil war; armed militant groups and war crimes; humanitarian crisis; illegal migration to Europe; proxy war; failed peace efforts; the safety of children; infrastructure; and access to basic resources.

Advisory Panel on the Question Of:

The AP will consist of member states, political parties, and humanitarian organizations.  Representatives will prepare a summary of the situation and propose a plan of action.  The AP will report its plan of action to the Secretary General.

  • Ensuring the safety of refugees in East Africa:
    • Food security in refugee camps
    • Access to basic education and health care
    • Online database of refugees for displaced people

International Criminal Court:

  • Al-Bashir
  • Albert Speer





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