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At a July 4th picnic celebrating American Independence Day in 1982, a group of interested Americans set up a table with a poster advertising the opening of a new "American" school in Johannesburg. A few short months later, the American International School of Johannesburg opened its doors to its first students on September 6th. Founder Ed Norman, together with American Embassy personnel and multinational businesses in South Africa saw the need for an American-style curriculum and international education for expatriates living in Johannesburg. 

Accredited by the State of Tennessee (USA), the school's first home was a residence in the northern suburb of Rivonia and the school opened its doors to 72 students. By 1984 the school was bursting at the seams and the search for a larger facility was initiated. Two hundred and sixty acres were acquired from the Oppenheimer family. The only building on the campus was a crescent-shaped stable for horses. The building was soon converted into 18 classrooms, and the school campus moved to its present location during the 1985-86 school year under the leadership of Director Dick Apple. 

As South Africa went through the dark days of apartheid, the school's population dwindled through the late 80s and early 90s. But 1994 ushered in a new era of democracy for South Africa and since then the country has seen an influx of global interest and investment. Director Everett Gould saw the opportunities of a new free South Africa and how that would impact the growth of the school, which in 1995 had 395 students. He served as director from 1992-1998 and during that period AISJ saw the first and continued development of its campus beyond the horse stables building. The High School wing was added, as was a new swimming pool, cafeteria, library, gym, Fine Arts Center, and boarding houses. The Elementary School wing was added in 1995-96. By the year 2000, our student population stood at 530 students. Today's AISJ would be almost unrecognizable to those who remember the 1985 campus. The crescent-shaped horse stables still exist, making up the administrative core of AISJ, but there have been many more additions. 

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North America


2015 Graduate

Since graduating from AISJ in 2015, Claire has been pursuing a degree in International Affairs and Communication Studies at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

Through the cooperative education program at NU, she has completed 3 six-month full time internships in the Boston area. As a Public Relations Assistant at Boston by Foot, a Strategic Planning Intern at Draper, and an Internal Communications Associate at New Balance, she has built a resume full of professional and academic experience.

On campus, Claire is actively involved in the Undergraduate Admissions office as the president of the Husky Ambassador student tour guide program and an Admissions Fellow. Claire will be graduating from Northeastern in May 2020 at which time she hopes to pursue a career in public relations.

Central America




AISJ allowed me to develop and grow as a professional. giving me the creative space to experiment and the challenges to push myself further.
It will always have a special part in my heart, not only for my job but for the amazing humans I met during this journey.

South America


Camila Gutierrez

Graduating 2020

My name is Camila Gutierrez. I have lived in Ghana, Tanzania, and finally, I moved to AISJ in 9th Grade, and I'm hoping to graduate here.

Last year I was various varsity teams and a delegate in JoMUN, a part of the Directors Advisory Panel with Mr Andy and a service leader for Friends of Free Wildlife. I have joined the service-learning executive council (SLEC) as head of funding and donations. I will continue as a service leader and be a chair in JoMUN and continue my position as my grade rep in the advisory panel and sports teams. This year I am also hoping to become grade rep in the student council (STUCO).

After I graduate, I hope to go into areas of business, marketing, or project/event coordinator fields. I want to study in Spain an continue to explore other countries.

Northern Europe




I’m part of the senior class this year and have been attending AISJ since the beginning of 11th grade. At AISJ I found Philile which is one of the service clubs which I enjoy very much. 

I have also been the varsity tennis captain for the boys and girls team, which was a great experience as well as we got to travel to Uganda.
Outside of school, I continue training tennis five times a week plus tournaments and matches on weekends. Tennis has been a passion of mine for 12 years and I am still working hard with the goal of a tennis scholarship for Universities in the United States. 

Tennis is a big part of my life but so is travelling and visual arts which I aspire to continue pursuing while learning and working hard in university.

Eastern Europe

Andrei volcov

2019 Grade 11 AlUm

Andrei Volcov, AISJ student alumni, moved to AISJ in 2016 and left the school after 3 years in 2019. Andrei was the Head of the Service Learning Executive Council and Student Leader for various Service Learning projects. 

He is now a Grade 12 student at the American International School of Bucharest, in Romania. Andrei is hoping to study Political Sciences in the Netherlands.

"I enjoyed my time at AISJ, and I loved being around the people that make up this wonderful community. I appreciated all the advice and the hard work that the people put into service, and I'm happy to see the growth over this short period of time. AISJ will be special to me, as this is the first international school I attended, and I made lifelong friendships with special people here."

Northern Africa



I’ve been at AISJ around eight years now and I enjoy the people and how diverse a community it is. We have people from so many different countries and you get to learn about all kinds of different cultures.

After AISJ I’d like to go to Spain to university to study law and to further improve my Spanish which is one of the subjects I take at school.

I’ve been at AISJ around eight years now and I enjoy the people and how diverse a community it is. We have people from so many different countries and you get to learn about all kinds of different cultures.

After AISJ I’d like to go to Spain to university to study law and to further improve my Spanish which is one of the subjects I take at school.

South Africa


Class of 1998

After graduating from AISJ in 1998, Thulani earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Berea College and a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of Tennessee. 

Thulani is now an international public health consultant. In 2011, Thulani relocated back to South Africa with his family to establish Kgololo Academy, a college preparatory school in his home in the Alexandra Township.

“My experience at AISJ as a scholarship student from Alexandra Township provided me with a strong foundation and changed the trajectory of my life. I can only hope that Kgololo Academy is able to do the same for our scholars”.

Central Europe


2017 Graduate

Marco Vicente was actively involved in a variety of varsity sports teams and In addition, Marco was involved in many service-learning groups and was one of the Service-Learning leaders for Africa Tikkun Science. 

Marco went on to study Economics & Business Economics at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands.
“I have many reasons to be grateful for the 8 years that I spent at AISJ. I thoroughly enjoyed the international environment, world-class teachers,  outstanding facilities, extra-curricular opportunities and the high level of involvement in the local community. AISJ is definitely a big part of my life and played a major role in helping me get to where I am today. I will always feel a strong connection with the AISJ family.”

South Asia

Mahnur Baig 

Graduating 2020

My name is Mahnur Baig and I am from Pakistan. I’ve been at AISJ since 7th grade. I am currently in 12th grade. For extracurriculars, I am a service leader of Reforestation and a Deputy Secretary General for JoMUN XVII. I also participate in track and field, rugby, and soccer. I am unsure of exactly what I want to do after graduating, however I want to go to university and study either medicine or political science and then go on to either be a doctor or do NGO and UN work.  

East Asia

Sangyoon kim


My name is Sangyoon Kim. Everyone calls me SY. I’m South Korean and I have been living in South Africa for 4 years. I’m currently finishing senior year in this school.

During my time in AISJ, I have been involved in multiple activities. Some activities I took part in was the Swim Team, the High School Play, JoMUN, and much more. I strongly encourage upcoming high schoolers to take part in activities, as there are great opportunities this school offers.

After graduation, I plan on leaving South Africa to attend university in a foreign nation. However, I will always have gratitude for my experiences here in Africa.  Many don’t get to experience living in Africa, so I encourage everyone to make use of living in such a unique country!

Australia & New Zealand


2017 Graduate

Sidhonie Page-Smith is a graduate alumni who moved to AISJ in 2010 with her parents who were employed at AISJ. She graduated from the school in May 2017. During her time at the school she was the leader of a service project - "Simunye Music" - and won the AISA leadership award in 2017. Sidhonie now attends Bond University on the Gold Coast, Australia, and is studying a Bachelor of Film and Television. She hopes to work to find work in the field of the arts after her graduation next year. 

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