About Us

The AISJ community of staff, students, and parents share a collective vision for the school’s future and strategic direction. The purpose of the ‘AISJ Journey’ is to provide colleagues, students, families, and friends with an understanding of the identity and beliefs of AISJ and to share the distinct path of our organization, our strategic direction, and the core foundations that guide our way forward. Numerous values and principles that we hold dear are articulated and explained as we create a common language and illustrate our culture and priorities. The philosophies and approaches herein did not appear overnight; this document is a reflection of conversations that have been occurring at AISJ for an extended period of time, evolving as we grow, and it is a catalyst for encouraging further dialogue and deliberate action to continuously advance our organization. The AISJ Journey provides clarity of purpose and direction, and it is the foundation of our work together moving forward.

Click here to download a copy of "The AISJ Journey - Pathway to our Future"