From the School Director


Welcome to the website of the American International School of Johannesburg (AISJ). My name is Jeremy Moore, and 2020-21 will be my first year as the school director at AISJ. I look forward to meeting you, listening to you, and learning with you. 

Simunye is Zulu for ‘we are one.’ With the current global issues that divide us, pandemic, racism, social justice, and more, embracing this belief can serve us well. We are better when we work together. No matter where we come from, our background, or skin color, we are one. No matter what our job title is, we all play a role in creating the AISJ experience; we are one. No matter what our trivial differences are, we are one. In lifting others up, we lift ourselves. In giving, we receive.

The speed of change is rapid and is exponentially getting faster; there were monumental shifts that we experienced in our schools last year, but one thing that is unwavering is the fundamental purpose of our work. Collectively, we make the world a better place through education. No global pandemic, changing landscape, or cosmic shift in our practice will alter this ultimate purpose. Undoubtedly, we will encounter unknowns and be shaped in new ways over the course of the next few years. With flexibility, positivity, and solidarity, we will rise to the challenges and do great things together as we provide a meaningful education for children. As AISJ’s ‘vision’ reads, together, we will dare to imagine, inspire to succeed, and courageously make a difference. 

I was very fortunate to inherit the leadership of a school founded in the best traditions of American education, but a school that is also truly international in its demographics and innovative in its practices. At our annual International Day celebration, nearly 110 nationalities are represented within our student body.

The diversity of our teachers - who are recruited both internationally and locally – reflects the rich diversity of our families and our host country of South Africa. I am fortunate to lead a highly committed staff of local and international teachers, administrators, and support staff who make the school such a warm and welcoming environment for students, parents, and one another. 

Student learning is our highest priority at AISJ, and you will see this strong culture of continuous learning applied throughout the school. Low student/teacher ratios, personal care, and commitment, together with a high-quality, balanced program designed to meet the needs of all its students, are among the school’s trademarks. World-class facilities support our programs across the Four Pillars of Academics, the Arts, Athletics, and Service Learning, and our dedicated Teaching and Learning Center is the professional development hub for educators in Africa. We continue to monitor and benchmark ourselves against our Leading School Indicators (LSIs) to ensure AISJ’s student learning, academic results, community, teachers and leaders, facilities, and finances continue to meet our community’s expectations of a leading international school. Together with the Board of Directors, I am committed to the school’s key initiatives and providing world-class education in a warm, welcoming, and inclusive community. 

Whether you are a prospective parent or an educator looking for a new challenge, I encourage you to explore our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to find out more.