How we developed the SP and LSIs

During the 2015-16 school year, we engaged the community in a year-long process titled “Reframing Our Learning” to develop the current Strategic Plan and the Leading School Indicators (LSIs). We invited our community to come together to participate in “Reframing Our Learning Cafés” (based on Juanita Brown’s World Café model – At these Cafés, community members engaged in dialogue around the future direction of learning and how we should prepare our students to be successful in an ever-changing, global world.

We asked parents, teachers, and students what they thought learning should look like at AISJ. Collated data from the café sessions showed that parents, teachers, and students thought learning should be: 

The feedback from the parents, teachers, and students strongly influenced the development of three learning-focused Strategic Goals: Conceptual, Connected, and Personalized Learning. 

During the “Reframing Our Learning” process, we also asked parents and faculty to discuss and identify key characteristics of leading international schools to assist us in developing Leading School Indicators for the school. Based on feedback from parents and teachers, six LSIs were developed.

After hosting the community cafés, the school held a strategic planning retreat on campus where a group of Board Directors, the Leadership Team, teachers, parents, and students reviewed the feedback from the community and discussed and debated how it should be reflected in AISJ’s Vision, Mission, Core Beliefs, and Parameters. Shortly after the strategic planning retreat, the Board of Directors reaffirmed the Vision and approved a new Mission Statement that was drafted at the retreat by members of the community.

With a clear community vision for the school’s strategic direction and support from the Board, the school formed a task force composed of teaching and learning coaches, Leadership Team members, and Board Directors to further develop the Leading School Indicators and the Strategic Plan. The task force met nearly every week for two hours for six months. Working from the feedback voiced by community, the task force further developed the six Leading School Indicators and a Strategic Plan based around three strategic goals: Conceptual, Connected, and Personalized. The Board approved the new Strategic Plan in May 2016.

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