Leading School Indicators

AISJ is committed to maintaining its reputation as a leading international school. To monitor and evaluate ourselves on an ongoing basis, we developed 6 Leading School indicators (LSIs) which are used to ensure that we continue maintaining the fundamental elements of a leading international school. Distinct and separate from the Strategic Plan, these LSIs are standards the school already meets and is committed to maintaining. At our “Reframing Our Learning Cafés”, community members discussed, debated, and prioritized the most important characteristics of a leading international school. Based on feedback from the community, the six LSIs were identified and developed.

AISJ’s Leading School Indicators are:

1. AISJ considers student learning to be the highest priority.

2. AISJ attracts, develops, and retains excellent teachers and leaders.

3. AISJ offers a balanced, well-rounded program.

4. AISJ students achieve strong academic results.

5. AISJ values a diverse and inclusive community with its ethos and actions.

6. AISJ has the resources and finances to support and grow its programs.

The LSIs are monitored on an ongoing basis and reported on annually. The LSIs do not have a set completion date, as these are ongoing benchmarks the school should meet annually to ensure that the key elements of a leading international school are solidly in place. Click here to view the LSIs sub-indicators and measures.