Vision, Purpose & Community Principles


Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed, and courageously make a difference


Inspire Learning & Build our better world 

The purpose of AISJ is to provide exceptional educational experiences in a diverse and nurturing environment in order to inspire learning and build our better world. We cultivate an inclusive community of learners so that we empower global citizens to fulfill their future purpose.


  • Honesty, integrity, and accountability are fundamental 
  • Personalized, differentiated, authentic, and inspired teaching and learning are essential for achievement and growth 
  • A culture of continuous improvement is critical to success 
  • Diversity and inclusion encourage open-mindedness and empathy 
  • Learning is cognitive, creative, active, and purposeful 
  • Creativity, adaptability, curiosity, and inquiry equip us to thrive in a changing world 
  • A Strong community is built through participation, communication, collaboration, and mutual respect 
  • Contributing positively to society is our responsibility


AISJ will …

  • Ensure that school enrollment, resources, and capacity are aligned 
  • Maintain a sense of community and attention to individuals 
  • Not tolerate behavior that is detrimental to the safety, integrity, or dignity of any individual 
  • Hire and retain qualified and adaptable staff whose attitudes and actions reflect the school’s vision, mission, and core values 
  • Adhere to a sustainable and transparent financial plan 
  • Maintain a strong international identity while respecting our host country’s cultures 
  • Approve and maintain only those programs that are consistent with the strategic direction, are financially justified, and provide for professional development and assessment 
  • Provide a Pre K-12 education 
  • Use English as the primary language of instruction


We are better when we act together. 

When each of us does well, we all do well, and that's how we make a better world for one another.

Our differences make us stronger.

We don't just bring our own backpacks and laptops to school. We bring our own culture, our own traditions and our own values. We bring our ideas, The more we celebrate our diversity, the stronger we make our community. Wherever you come from, whatever your background, or beliefs, you enrich our school just by being part of it.

Every voice counts. Every voice matters.

When we feel safe, respected and included, then we're inspired to do our best. When someone speaks, we don't just pay lip-service to their ideas. We discuss their opinions, respect their feelings and when something needs to change, we change it. We step up without waiting to be told.

Every team needs individuals. Every individual needs a team.

We want every individual in this school to be their best. But you can't be a star performer without support from the people around you. We work together. We create together. We're curious together. We don't just sit next to each other, we've got each other's backs. When one of us shines, we all celebrate. When one of us struggles, we all give support.