AISJ’s High School offers students an American-style curriculum, enriched with a diversity of international courses and programs. Successful graduates complete a challenging and engaging program that requires them to earn 26 credits in a wide variety of courses. We currently offer 55 separate courses, including a range of electives. In addition to earning the regular diploma, our students also have the option to enroll in the International Baccalaureate Diploma program or pursue certificates in selected IB courses. We currently offer 25 IB courses with plans to add to this in the coming years. AISJ follows a Northern Hemisphere school year as the vast majority of our graduates move on to universities and colleges in the USA, the UK, and Europe.

At AISJ, we are committed to providing strong academic support for our high school students. We have a dynamic Learning Center where two teachers and a teaching partner work with students, teachers, and parents to coordinate support programs. Our ongoing professional development provides strategies to teachers so that they can more effectively differentiate their instruction and enables them to work with a range of student learning styles and needs.

We offer a strong activities and athletics program. Our competitive sports include soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, swimming, and track and field. We are a founding member of the International Schools of Southern and Eastern Africa (ISSEA) league, where our students compete against athletes from schools in 6 other African countries — and we have an impressive number of championship banners on the wall of our gym. Students can also participate in intramurals, drama, music, or a large number of other clubs and activities.

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, with over 80 nationalities represented in our student body. The high school faculty consists of qualified, experienced teachers from the USA, Canada, South Africa, and numerous other countries. We are truly an international school.