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The role of the Board of Directors at AISJ is a strategic one. The primary functions of the Board are:

  • Long term sustainability
  • Setting the mission, vision and core beliefs, strategic goals and measurable outcomes for the school
  • Hiring, retention and annual evaluation of the School Director, thus ensuring a quality educational program
  • Ensuring long-term financial health approving tuition fees and the annual budget.

Board members apply their time and skills for the long-term benefit of the whole school, and do not represent a particular issue, nationality, group or constituency. The Board plans for and attends monthly general business meetings, committee meetings, informational meetings, and one retreat per year focused on Board development and annual planning.  Board Directors are also expected to attend important school events. The average number of hours per month varies per individual, but certainly, an average of ten hours per month is a conservative estimate.

The Board has a hybrid structure and is comprised of elected, appointed and seconded members. Elections are held in March. For more information about serving on the Board, contact

Board Committee Member

The Board of Directors conducts the majority of its role through three standing committees: Finance, Facilities, and Governance. The Board of Directors appoints non-Board Directors with expertise in each of these areas to serve as members on the Board Committees.

The primary function of the committees is to assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities with respect to the following:

Finance Committee

  • Ensuring the overall, long-term financial health of the school
  • Monitoring strategic and financial planning to ensure the availability of adequate resources
  • Reviewing and approving the school’s annual operating budget
  • Establishing general risk management policies, and provide for adequate insurance coverage
  • Ensuring the reliability and integrity of all financial information and related disclosures provided to internal and external parties and other stakeholders
  • Ensuring the qualifications, independence, and performance of the school’s outside auditors
  • Ensuring the school’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements related to the financial reporting responsibilities of the school

Governance Committee

  • Reviewing and evaluating on an on-going basis the governance structure of the school and its overall effectiveness, ensuring compliance with South African law, and in light of prevailing best practices in the international educational field
  • Recruitment of new Directors who bring diverse backgrounds, talents and perspectives to the Board
  • Evaluation of the governance practices and performance of the Board, its Committees, and individual Directors
  • Ensuring responsible succession of Board officers and Committee chairs
  • Orientation and training for Directors

Facilities Committee

  • Ensuring adequate facilities are in place to deliver the program in a manner that is consistent with the school’s Vision and Mission
  • Ensuring the overall, long-term health of the school’s grounds, buildings and infrastructure including but not limited to electricity, water, and technology
  • Monitoring strategic and financial planning to ensure the availability of adequate resources to achieve the above

For more information about serving on a Board committee, contact


AISJ is committed to providing students with a balanced educational program. By balanced we are referring to the four pillars: Academics, Athletics, Arts, and Service. We believe that an understanding and commitment to Service Learning is critical and as such, it has to be an integral part of what we do. Our service learning program provides students and community members with opportunities to enrich the lives of others and leadership opportunities to genuinely make a difference.  Service Learning is organized by grade level. Service learning projects are chosen to complement different aspects of the academic curriculum.  Service learning has an authentic link with the curriculum and should be something that a class is engaged in throughout the school year. Service Learning may focus on contributing to the school community or to part of the wider community through actions such as; Direct, Indirect, Advocacy or Research.

Service Learning Volunteers assist in service activities and events based on interest in student age group/division or service activities on offer.

Contact the AISJ Service Coordinator at should you wish to volunteer. 



The Parents' Association (PA) provides a structure for parents to become involved in, and enhance, the AISJ community experience, as well as support the School’s Mission and Vision. AISJ believes that a vibrant Parents' Association contributes to the health of the school.

Parents' Association Objectives:

  • To enhance the sense of the AISJ community
  • To develop and nurture a relationship amongst parents and between parents and the School
  • To provide assistance to families with regard to the AISJ and South African communities at large

The Johannesburg and Pretoria Campuses each have an active Parents' Association run by committed parent volunteers. Monthly meets are held to share information, collect feedback, and provide assistance and support. By having a child at AISJ, you are automatically a member of the PA. You are invited to attend monthly PA meetings and to support the myriad events the PA hosts each year.

Examples of PA-sponsored events:

  • Welcome Coffee Mornings – The PAs on both campuses welcome new and returning parents for coffee, tea, and an opportunity to connect with one another.
  • International Food Festival – The PA hosts an impressive buffet of foods from around the world at International Day. Parents cook enough food from their home country to feed the entire school!
  • Halloween “Boo in the Boot” (Pretoria) – The PA organizes a Halloween parade and carnival and families decorate their cars in the Pretoria carpark for a unique trick-or-treat experience for the kids.
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Trot (Pretoria) – The PA assists with Pretoria’s annual Thanksgiving festivities including fun runs for the kids, followed by Thanksgiving dinner and international desserts.
  • Mistletoe Marketplace (JHB) – A fabulous Christmas Market with over 50 craft and food vendors.
  • Family Fun Day (JHB) – An all-day family event with food vendors, rides and inflatables for the kids, and an international basket auction.
  • Yard Sale (Pretoria) – The PA organizes a popular yard sale towards the end of the school year.  

Each year the Parents' Association seeks parents to fill the following roles:

  • President
  • Secretary and Communications Coordinator
  • Treasurer
  • Social Coordinator
  • Welcome Coordinator
  • Elementary School Coordinator
  • Middle School Coordinator
  • High School Coordinator (JHB)
  • Eagle Shop Coordinator (JHB)
  • Country Ambassadors 


A Room Parent is the lead volunteer of the classroom – a bridge between the teacher and other parents. The role of the Room Parent includes:

  • Serving as a contact point for other class parents and the teacher
  • Making early contact with parents of new students in the class
  • Providing support to new families as necessary
  • Liaising with the teacher when s/he needs help in the classroom and helps to organize parent volunteers
  • Arranging social gatherings to introduce new families to the group
  • Attending monthly PA meetings
  • Working with the Elementary School Coordinator to liaise between the PA and classroom parents
  • Organizing special events or celebrations in the classroom throughout the year

Please inquire with your child’s teacher if you are interested in serving as a Room Parent.