On behalf of all the Pretoria Parents’ Association (PA) officers, I would like to extend a warm welcome to the new and returning families to the AISJ 2018 – 2019 school year.

We, the Pretoria PA, work on behalf of the school to organize and sponsor social events and activities to help parents, students, and everyone involved with our campus to build a strong sense of community.   We are a self-funding organization and use monies raised to enhance the experience of AISJ Pretoria students, as well as those less privileged in our local community through the school’s service learning projects.  Parents are automatically members of the Pretoria PA while their child is a student at the Pretoria campus.

Events we have planned for this school year include:

 • Welcome Back Coffee Morning

  Numerous Middle School Socials

  PA Movie Night

  Halloween Boo in the Boot

 • Service Learning Action Day



 • Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

  Water Play Day

  Annual PA Fundraiser

  Pretoria PA Yard Sale and more!

We encourage you to attend our monthly PA meetings to share ideas, receive information and become more involved on our AISJ campus community. Our goal is to help to make your family’s experience at AISJ a pleasant and memorable one. 

We are a wonderful part of our school and the PA officers are proud to represent you.  We thank you in advance for your support and wish you a successful year ahead!

Mindy Rich

Pretoria PA President 2018-19

- Pretoria Campus Parents' Association Officers - 


Mindy Rich

Position: Pretoria President


Position: Vice President

Micaela Gibson

Position: Treasurer

Sevda Teske

Position: Secretary


Kia Phillips

Position: Welcome Coordinator

Joana Forte

Position: ES Coordinator

Brenda R. Tevalan de Aikomus

Position: MS Coordinator

Rochelle Hennessy

Position: MS Coordinator


Constanza Espinoza

Position: Eagle Shop Coordinator


Eve FitzGerald

Position: Events Coordinator



Position: Fundraising Coordinator


Lauren Greene-Roesel

Position: Service Learning Coordinator