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Geoff Smith
JHB HS Principal

Will Hurtardo
JHB HS Assistant Principal

Penny Keet
JHB HS Assistant Principal

Welcome, High School Students and Parents,


This handbook provides a significant amount of information for High School students and parents. I urge students to review the handbook as there is information about how we do business that is important for you to understand. Students new to AISJ will likely find this information valuable. Much of the information to returning students will likely seem obvious. Being informed about one’s organization: the systems, frameworks, rules, personnel, options, etc. is an important part of being a member of a community. As a community of learners, we all must ensure we remain informed. This handbook is one source that supports an informed community.


AISJ is an excellent school noted for strong academic commitment balanced by a wide array of co-curricular activities. Moreover, the commitment to service is a pillar of the school community. How the school operates and functions to support excellence is detailed in this handbook.


I welcome all students and parents to review the handbook as a way of staying informed and in touch with the high school programs!