Professional Growth and Collaboration Time is run for 2 ¼ hours every Wednesday afternoon and can be run in one of three ways: 

  • Divisional: decided by the divisional principal based on the specific needs of the division 
  • T&L:  decided by the T&L team regarding curriculum, instruction, and assessment, may be run whole school (e.g. vertical alignment, learning institutes) or divisionally (e.g. literacy training, UBD development) 
  • Whole school initiatives:  decided by K-12 leaders, may include things such as service learning, contract renewal, accreditation, celebrations, etc 


AISJ offers workshops based on teaching and learning initiatives and school-wide goals. Teachers are encouraged to offer workshops and can apply as per the guidelines listed in T&L Handbook.  


We also offer Weekend Workshops every month. These are free of charge to AISJ staff but are also open to non-AISJ staff for a registration fee of  USD 435 for AISA member schools and USD 460 for non-AISA member schools.  Details of our current Weekend Workshops calendar can be found here. 


All teachers at AISJ work with teaching and learning coaches.  Coaches are not supervisors or evaluators; their role is to support teachers with: 

  • Planning, developing and reviewing units of work 
  • Planning, developing and reviewing assessments and instruction strategies 
  • Modeling, observing and feedback on instruction and assessment 
  • Researching into best practices 
  • Facilitating or participating in professional learning communities 
  • Working on teaching and learning practices in general 

Any staff member, teacher, teaching-partner or Principal who wishes to work with a T&L coach may book time with the coach directly.  


Teachers required to teach the International BaccalaureateDiploma Program (IBDP) may be asked to attend IBDP workshops.  Costs for IBDP workshops will not be deducted from the Personal Professional Development allowance for teachers. 


Further study is supported and highly encouraged at AISJ. 

Study Loans: Teachers may request a study loan through the Human Resources Manager for approved courses. 

Course Credits: Staff members who have earned post graduate credits may be eligible to apply for a salary review and band change. Please consult with the Director of Teaching and Learning to ensure that the course/course work can be credited.


AISJ hosts external consultants at various times throughout the school year in an effort to meet school-wide and/or divisional goals. consultants may work in classrooms, meet with teachers during planning times, offer sessions during Professional Growth and Collaboration Time and lead weekend workshops. the cost of consultants is funded by the school. Please see the workshops and conferencespage for further details on which consultants are working with us. 

Workshop Date Facilitator
Taking the Complexity Out of Concepts – A Continuation 26 October 3:30PM - 28 October 12:00PM Tania Lattanzio
Service Learning 101 9 November 3:30PM - 11 November 12:00PM Tara Barton
Adaptive Schools 28 November 9:00AM - 1 December 4:00PM Dorren Merola
Instructional Agility 25 January 3:30PM - 27 January 12:00PM Tom Schimmer
Personalised Learning Symposium 15 February 2019 2:30PM - 17 February 2:00PM Tim Stuart, Sasha Heckman, Jane Pollock, Mat Glover and Chantelle Love
WIDA: Scaffolding Learning Through Language 6 April 2019 8:30AM - 7 April 4:30PM WIDA


Teachers may apply to attend professional development held outside of school which may include: