We will be working with a range of consultants this year including: Tania Lattanzio (Taking the Compexity Out of Concepts – A Continuation), Service Learning 101 (Tara Barton) and Adaptive Schools (Dorren Merola).

We offer Workshops throughout the year which are also open to non-AISJ staff for US$460 (unless otherwise stated).  This fee covers:

  • Registration
  • Lunch
  • Refreshments
  • Course materials
  • Transport to school from hotel. 

Details of the weekend workshops can be found in the Professional Learning Calendar below:

Workshop Date Facilitator
Taking the Complexity Out of Concepts – A Continuation 26 October 3:30PM - 28 October 12:00PM Tania Lattanzio
Service Learning 101 9 November 3:30PM - 11 November 12:00PM Tara Barton
Adaptive Schools 28 November 9:00AM - 1 December 4:00PM Dorren Merola
Instructional Agility 25 January 3:30PM - 27 January 12:00PM Tom Schimmer
Personalised Learning Symposium 15 February 2019 2:30PM - 17 February 2:00PM Tim Stuart, Sasha Heckman, Jane Pollock, Mat Glover and Chantelle Love
WIDA: Scaffolding Learning Through Language 6 April 2019 8:30AM - 7 April 4:30PM WIDA


For further information on any of the workshops or should you wish to register, please contact Robert Evans revans@aisj-jhb.com or Penny Maphalala pmaphalala@aisj-jhb.com.