AISJ developed the following set of Professional Teaching Rubrics in 2012 with a team of volunteers from all four divisions and they were updated as a result of feedback from teachers in May 2014. The domains of the rubrics were chosen to reflect what research suggests has the greatest impact on student learning. Teachers read the research and designed the rubrics to describe these practices at different levels. The rubrics have been designed to be aspirational. They are not meant to be easy to achieve but they are the direction in which we want all our teachers working towards. 

We have identified six domains which research tells us have a significant impact on student learning. These six domains are the basis of our first six rubrics: 

  • Learning environment
  • Curriculum knowledge, understanding and integration
  • Differentiation
  • Assessment
  • Technology
  • Inquiry Learning

You can read the full rubrics with a glossary of many of the key terms and jargon (as we use them at AISJ) here:Prof Teaching Rubrics-with glossary 

The Professionalismand Community domain has been developed by the leadership team.  This domain is not a rubric but a set of competencies which teachers are expected to meet.