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Tuberculosis Community Information

To the AISJ Community,

This school year AISJ has begun initiatives to raise the awareness and understanding of tuberculosis (TB) amongst the AISJ community. AISJ has been working closely with the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the South African National Tuberculosis Association (SANTA), and the South African Department of Health to provide community information sessions, resources, and a staff education program at the school.

In the past months, community information sessions were held at both the Johannesburg and Pretoria Campuses. These sessions were led by Dr. Seymour Williams from the CDC and AISJ school nurses. For those who could not attend one of the information sessions, Dr. Williams has kindly shared his presentation for you to better understand the signs, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of TB.   The presentation can be found under the Resources tab on the divisional portals.

AISJ has reviewed our TB screening process and we are in the process of initiating a staff education program for all staff at the school. The education program would include a TB consultation with a verbal screening and follow-up for all school staff. We aim to launch the education program in February and continue with annual screenings at the beginning of each school year.

If you have questions or concerns, AISJ’s medical staff have considerable training in this regard and are happy to discuss any questions with you. For specific questions related to your family’s medical history, AISJ recommends speaking with your primary care physician.

Links to the various institutions AISJ has been in contact with are included, should you wish for more information or to make contact with them.



South African Department of Health -


AISJ Nurses:

Nurse Jetta Breeden (JHB): +27-87-809-1913 / +27-83-608-1559 / email:

Nurse Mary Myburgh (JHB): +27-87-809-1818 / +27-83-608-1559 / email:

Nurse Anne van Leeuwen (Pretoria): +27-87-803-0454 / +27-83-628-5262 / email: