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BREAKING NEWS: Unfolding crisis situation at Security Council  

By Frances Allan representing Buzzfeed News 

12.11pm: Paramedics and security personnel have been allowed into the Security Council after the Head of Council was released by a group of Somalian pirates. 

The Vice Head and all but a lucky few journalists, myself included, were slain in the attack.  

Earlier, at 10:15 this morning, smoke bombs were the first sign that something was amiss. They were rolled into today's Security Council meeting, followed by the forcible kidnapping of the Security Council's Head and Vice Head by a group of Somalian pirates, self-identified 

Along with bodies, they left behind a mandate, demanding US$250-million and the release of captured pirates, which remaining members, stunned but resilient began to negotiate, with a keen awareness of the well-being of their colleagues.  

The United States held to its position that it would not negotiate with terrorists, supported by 13 countries, while two member states abstained. The Dominican Republic urged for justice, and Belgium volunteered to enter negotiations - a motion that failed, going against the United States. In considering a rescue mission, the United Kingdom expressed scepticism about the prospect of success, supported by the United States and Frances for its failure to be practical - the amendment failed. 

While this was underway, journalists were shaken by a leaked video that showed footage of the Vice Head being killed after it emerged that the presence of photographers and other press went against the mandate's conditions. 

Delegates and officials are still in a state of shock and receiving treatment, security details are combing the surrounding rooms to establish how the pirates entered the Chambers. It is suspected that they might have been disguised as part of a well-orchestrated plan to escalate their demands to the highest decision-making body of the world. 

Despite the shock of all present, and the horror of bodies piled upon each other during the senseless killing, it is unlikely that the crisis will play out in the pirates' favour. The world is likely to be united in its condemnation of the senseless and unwarranted attack, not only of the individuals in question, but also the symbolic unity of the UN and its Security Council. 

This is a developing story. Buzzfeed will keep updating readers as details unfold, but our deepest sympathies go out to the loved ones of the vice chair, and we are thankful for the release of the chair's head.