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By Anna Maaten representing The Guardian 

“The delegate of China is a delusional maniac” proclaimed the delegate of the USA after China added an amendment to his resolution. 

The resolution addressed the question of Addressing and possibly inhibiting Foreign Direct Investment in Africa.  

The delegate of China wanted to strike clause seven as he felt that it focused too much on environmental issues and did not match the clauses in the resolution. 

Belgium opposed the amendment proposed by china and strong felt that it should not be implemented. “The climate crisis is in fact a crisis” the delegate of Belgium stated, “and anything must be done to avert this crisis even if it is not relevant to the whole resolution.” 

According to the delegate of Kenya passing the resolution is “a step closer to creating a new Africa”. He agreed with the clause seven as he felt that not only would the resolution benefit Kenya and Africa but it at the same time benefits the environment.  

The amendment by the delegate of China to strike clause seven failed as the only vote it got was China’s. 

The delegate of Russia also attempted to make the resolution more favorable to Russia by adding on an amendment to clause 4. This amendment stated that instead of African member states strengthening and increasing trade and investment operations with each other, the African member states should only trade with Russia.  

This amendment failed by popular vote.  

The resolution passed by a majority vote. African countries worked well together to improve Africa’s economy.