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Combating Pirate Attacks

By Charlotte Van Mieghem

During the debate about the issue of piracy in oceans around the African coast, the UK delegate proposed a motion stating procedures and protocols should be established to relieve the long-term impact of pirate attacks on individuals, families and companies by medical rehabilitation for survivors of pirate attacks or family members directly affected by loss of a relative, which could result in permanent mental illnesses such as, PTSD, clinical depression. And the finances for the medical, physical and mental rehabilitation of piracy victims should be provided by their respective governments and health care programs.

It was further recommended that the care would last around a year long but could be extended at the discretion of the practitioners supervising the treatment. There will also be financial compensation for the families of victims of piracy attack, and financial compensation for the companies involved policies previously negotiated by the company;

The French delegate suggested an amendment by stating providing marine peacekeeping force to areas with low security. Where the lack of an effective government in countries that are the worst affected by privacy, the peacekeeping force would interact with the military and local police force and France will fully contribute to the peacekeeping force. The amendment passed

The Russian delegate proposed a very controversial amendment stating, "Give the coastlines of countries with the most piracy to be divided among the P5 and Belgium". The US was completely against this amendment stating that it was "disgusted". The UK thought it was like a 'tyranny'.

"This amendment is racist, imperialist and colonialist", said the delegate of the Dominican Republic

The Russian amendment failed, and the UK's clause was passed.