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Crisis: 337 Uighur Muslims executed by Chinese government 

By Zara Vogt reporting for Vanity Fair.  

A crisis has erupted in the United Nations Human Rights Commission.  

Earlier this morning, 337 Uighur Muslims were executed by the Chinese government. The executions took place in Chinese education facilities.   

Chinese delegate darted between the three camps established to develop clauses about the crisis. 

Maia Ferguson, delegate for China

Belgium and the Dominican Republic strongly argued that the 337 Uighur Muslims were murdered. They believe the Chinese government originally took the people to concentration camps.  

Belgium and the Dominican Republic suggested the UN sanitation specialists from the WHO should investigate:  

  • Moldy or food past expiration dates.  

  • Viral or infections illnesses within employees or the Uighur Muslims.  

  • Possible bacteria in water like e – coli.  

HRC Votes

Because there is little hard information, the delegates suggest the UN specialists investigate the bodies of allegedly executed Uighurs to examine the cause of death.  

Delegates from several countries like the USA are questioning why the Uighurs were in the concentration camp in the first place. China responded that the education camps are voluntary. The weaker people in the society of China choose to enter the camps.  

The United States also touched the Chinese government responsibility regarding the camps.  

China stated that the camps are clean and prepare people for jobs in the future.  

The Human Rights Commission is still debating the incident.