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Elementary School Weekly Update 30 August 2019
Elementary School Weekly Update 30 August 2019

Dear Parents,

Another wonderful week of learning has come to an end here in the elementary school. Please read the information below about upcoming events.

Building Bus Communities: Now that classroom communities are well established, we will be turning our focus over to the development of constructive bus communities. Our ES counselor, John Gaston, organizes this event each year. On Wednesday afternoon, September 4th, the students who ride each bus will gather together in a classroom to have a community meeting with their bus driver and a teacher facilitator. Each group will engage in an ice breaker activity with the bus driver. They will then review the bus rules and talk about how they keep us safe. The activity will culminate with a quiz game to reinforce the children's understanding of the AISJ bus expectations. 

You can help support this activity by asking your child(ren) to tell you about their bus driver and the bus rules on Wednesday evening.

MAP Assessments: Map Assessments will take place in classrooms on the following dates: September 13th, 16th and 17th. Here is a letter with further information regarding this assessment.

New ES Communication Platform: Due to some ongoing challenges that we are experiencing with Final Site, the elementary school has decided to start using Seesaw as our new teacher-parent weekly communication tool. Seesaw is a tool that teachers have been using with great success for our student portfolios. Seesaw has a feature called announcements that we will be using to send our weekly class bulletins to parents. Some of the teachers will begin to use this new option today. All teachers will make the switch from Final Site to Seesaw next Friday. Your child's teacher will be sending out information to help you to easily access the announcements feature in Seesaw. If you are having any difficulty accessing this Seesaw feature, we can provide onsite support at next week's Open House.

Open House: The elementary school Open House evening will be held on Thursday, September 5th. Here is the program and schedule for this important event. We look forward to seeing you on campus this Thursday.

Co-Curricular Activities: Our season 1 co-curricular program began last week. Students engaged in a wide range of activities which included soccer, swimming, Latin dance, Lego building, Foodies Club and more. Please note that activities end at 4:30 every day. Parents who are picking up their children, need to be here at 4:30.

Updating and Confirming Demographic Information in PowerSchool: We ask that all parents check, update if necessary, and confirm address, phone and medical information for each child in PowerSchool.

Emergency Communication System Tests: AISJ will test the emergency communications systems next week - SMS and emails. Here's what you need to do in order for us to test the system:

Log on to PowerSchool and confirm/edit your mobile phone numbers and email addresses for each child.

In an emergency, you can expect the following train of communication: An email will be sent to the AISJ Community, followed by an SMS and a Voice Note (you will receive a phone call from the AISJ Switchboard number, and an automated voice recording will read the SMS to you). The same content will then be loaded to the divisional portals of the website – once you log in a page pop will appear with all the communication sent. This is to ensure that the community can access the train of communication if the email and/or SMS have not been received. To reiterate, please ensure your contact information is current at all times so that you receive communication in the event of an emergency.  

We have done a recon on PowerSchool and have found that there are numerous irregularities with how numbers have been captured. Please note that if this field has irregularities, you will not receive an SMS in the event of an emergency.

Points to take note of:

    1. No text in the cell phone number field, example N/A
    2. No double numbers in the field, example 000 000 0000 / 000 000 0000
    3. No need to add the country code for South African cell numbers, example +27 00 000 0000
    4. No landlines numbers in the cell phone number field, example 012 000 0000 / 011 000 0000
    5. The cell phone contact number needs to be captured as such, example 082 000 0000
    6. If it is an international cell number (non-SA cell number), country code is mandatory, example +263 77 816 4210
    7. Changes to the physical address field, contact numbers, and email addresses need to be made on each child's profile on PowerSchool.

This SMS system will also be used by the transport department to communicate with bus rider parents in the following instances:

1. Bus breakdown en-route with students on board and;

2. Delays on arrival times (more than 20 minutes) due to a delay in departure from campus or traffic.

On Monday, 2nd of September 2019 at 1:00 pm, a test SMS will be sent, should you not receive the SMS by 2:00 pm on the 2nd, please log on to PowerSchool to ensure your mobile number is accurate in our database. Click here to find out how to log in to PowerSchool to update your demographic information.

1.       Log onto PowerSchool. Click on your child's name. Click 'Forms/Signups' (towards the bottom of the navigation panel on the left). Click 'Demographic Update'.

2.       Review, and update if necessary, the data listed on the 'Address,' 'Parents,' 'Emergency Contact' and 'Medical' tabs.

3.       For each tab, even if you made no changes, check the confirmation at the bottom of the screen, and 'Submit.'

4.       If you have more than one child, click on their name, and follow the steps above - you will need to re-enter changes for each child.

If your cell phone number is correct on PowerSchool and you did not receive the TEST SMS on the 2nd of September by 2:00 pm please email for us to further investigate.

Upcoming Events: Please make note of the following events:

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend with your children.


Best regards,

Barbara Rynerson

ES Principal