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Elementary School Weekly Update 4 October 2019

Dear Parents,

Next week will be a busy one in the elementary school. Professional consultant, Gini Rojas, will be on campus on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to work with and support teacher and parent understanding of the needs of English language learners and multi-lingual students. On Wednesday afternoon and Thursday, we will have parent-teacher conferences. On Friday we will join the entire school community for our annual International Day and Food Festival. Please read below for more information regarding these upcoming events. 

Parent-Teacher Conferences: We are looking forward to seeing you all at our upcoming ES Parent-Teacher conferences on Wednesday, October 9th from 2:00 to 4:00 pm and all day on Thursday, October 10th. This is a great opportunity to learn about your child's current strengths and areas for growth as well as ways to support his or her learning at home. Childcare will be offered during the time of your conference on the ES playground for school aged children. 

Please note that Mr. Keet – upper elementary PE, Mr. Fietje – lower elementary Art and Ms. Fader – lower elementary Music, will not be available for conferences but parents can contact them for a meeting if they would like to talk about their child's learning in PE, Art or Music, when they return from their respective leave of absence. 

The other specialist teachers will all be available for parent teacher conferences.  Snr. Meier will be in his room (ES13), Ms. Lorena will be in her room (ES12) and Ms. Narina, Ms. Ferguson and Ms. Donna will all be in the upper elementary Art Room (ES11), on both Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday.

Parent Coffee: Language Proficiency in the International School Setting: What Parents Need to Know and Do 

Wednesday, October 9, 8:00 am to 10:00 am in Teaching and Learning room 1 

Dr. Gini Rojas specializes in English as an Additional Language Development and in providing access for English-knowing bilinguals through differentiated instruction and progressive scaffolding for developing academic English. She will be at AISJ working with teachers on effective programs and strategies for English learners.

On Wednesday, October 9 in T & L 1 from 8am-10am she will be presenting to parents on Language Proficiency in the International School Setting. It is geared to parents of multilingual children and will stress the importance of continued development of home languages to support your child's development of English. 

She will be considering some of the following questions in her session: 

·         What's a parent to do when their children enter the international school with one or more home languages? 

·         Will continuing to use the home language 'confuse' children who are also learning in English? 

·         In a home with two languages, should parents choose one language of communication? 

·         What should parents understand about schooling in a language other than the home language? 

·         What can parents do if full bilingualism is a long-term goal? 

·         What is translanguaging? 

It is a great opportunity and we hope you will be able to join us. 

Co-Curricular Activity Registration for Season 2 Activities October 7 to 11

Parents are reminded to register their MS and ES students for season 2 CCA's.  HS students register for CCA's without parental assistance but it is important to remind them to register. The window to register is limited to October 7th to 11th.  Please carefully choose your activities as making changes after the window closes is a difficult process. Registrations are done through PowerSchool.  A help guide will be circulated from the Activities Office.

International Day and Food Fest: We hope that many of you will join us for the International Day and Food Fest next Friday, October 11th.  Please refer to the email sent out by the Communications Office regarding the schedule for this day.  

If you are planning to attend this event the school's Sustainability Committee has requested that you help us reduce the amount of trash produced by this event by bringing reusable eating utensils, reusable water bottles and cloth napkins. It is important that we model sustainable behavior for our children. Thanks!

Student dismissal on this day will be 1:30. If you would like to take your children home before 1:30, you can get a dismissal slip from your child's teacher or the ES office. Please be sure to inform your child's teacher if you are taking them home early. 

Upcoming Toothpaste Drive: The Red Cross is sponsoring a toothpaste drive for the Witkoppen Clinic's Satellite Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) site in Diepsloot. It would be much appreciated if students could donate toothpaste for the site. There are boxes in the parents' room, HS library, HS office and ES office from Monday October 7th until Friday, October 11th

The OVC site is a place for kids aged 1-14 to go to afterschool or during the day. The site began as a safe place for kids whose parents have passed away from HIV/AIDS and are orphaned. As part of the Red Cross, we are teaching kids the importance of dental health and care. Toothpaste and such materials are very expensive. This drive is an important part of the success of our program. Thanks for your support. 

Upcoming Events: 

Monday, October 7th: Session 2 CCA registration begins 

Wednesday, October 9th and Thursday, October 10th: ES Parent-Teacher Conferences (No School for ES students on Thursday, October 10th

Friday, October 11th: International Day and Food Festival (Early Release 1:30 pm) 

Friday, October 11th: Season 2 CCA registration closes 

Monday, October 14th to 18th: No School- October holiday 

I hope to see many of you on campus next week! 

Best regards, 


ES Principal