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Europe's Motherland accepts unaccompanied migrant children

By Sara Perez-Grill representing Fox News 

The Human Rights Committee is in favor of protecting the Human Rights of unaccompanied migrant children and adolescents to Europe. The Russian delegate submitted a resolution as Europe's motherland believes it can give a wide range of opportunities for unaccompanied minors and a wide range of skills they could learn by living in Russia.

An unaccompanied child flees war torn Syria

The Russian delegate believes that if children are unfit to join the Russian education system they should join the Russian army. It is an example all countries should follow. Joining the military will teach these children new and valuable skills.  

The Russian delegate also stated that the unaccompanied migrant children should learn the Russian language and history.  

The delegate of Ghana believes if they solely focus on the history of Russia and not learn more about their own culture, it brings up the issue of "loss of culture". Russia responded by stating that if they want to be part of the motherland they need to understand the cultural norms in Russia.  

The delegate of China strongly agrees with the resolution put forward by the delegate of Russia and stated it's a fantastic way to provide opportunities for the children to be integrated into Russian society.  

The delegate of Angola provided an interesting point of view, questioning how Russia will make sure that refugees and migrant children will be safe, when Russia is one of the most violent countries in the world. 

"It's a better country than where the migrants are coming from" stated Russia's delegate. Fox News agrees as any country is better than Syria or Iraq, and therefore the children should be grateful when put into the workforce.  

The delegate of Argentina stated that this resolution is mostly beneficial for Russia and forces the children to lose their sense of identity. Fox News disagrees, as we believe that instead of children losing their cultural diversity, they are gaining knowledge from one of the most powerful countries in the world.