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Shake up proposed for UN Security Council 

By Charlotte Van Mieghem representing Al Jazeera 

A debate about the composition of the Security Council's permanent members started with the US motion that 'Limiting the number of single vetoes a P5 member status on any further UN resolution, considering the topic after a subtotal of 5 isolated vetoes and a unanimous vote of the council to remove their status". 

The delegate of Germany agrees with the clause and wants to get into the council since Germany is the fourth largest contributor to the UN. 

"Only countries with cultural and economic significance should be in the Security Council," The US delegate said 

The delegate of Belgium asked the delegate of Germany whether France should be removed from the council and whether Germany should replace France because France contributes less than Germany and Japan. But Germany was against removing France from the council, Germany wants General Assembly 4 members to become permanent members.

Michael Velloza, delegate for France


The Dominican Republic delegate was completely against the US motion, stating that it was selfish and gives more power to the P5, and that there's no such thing as an 'irrelevant' country to any issue. The delegate argued that they should limit or place specific criteria on the veto to limit veto abuse. 

France would like sub-Saharan countries on the council because it would be more inclusive. 

The Dominican Republic delegate asked for a reconstruction of the Security Council organization called the United Nations Security Council Observer, which would:

·       Be under the auspices of the Secretary General and the General Assembly 

·       Have a president elected by the General Assembly 

·       Have a president serve a 5-year term and may serve up to 2 terms 

UNSCO would comprise the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceana. This allows for more representation of different countries. The representatives will be elected by other states from their respective continents to serve 5-year terms and a continental representatives' vote will be counted as two votes of a regular UNSC member states. 

But the US made an amendment stating that the continental representative's idea should be removed entirely because a nation that is elected as a representative may not be able to represent all the of the countries' views. The delegate of the Dominican Republic countered that it was against this amendment since it weakens the clause as a whole and it makes it too similar to the US failed clause 

The Dominican Republic's motion passed without amendment.