General Site Rules

Violence and drug-free school 
The AISJ is a drug free and dangerous object free zone.

According to the South African Schools Act; No. 84 of 1996 (SASA) a “Hazardous object” means: 

  • any explosive substance or device; 
  • any firearm or gas weapon; 
  • any item, object or instrument that may be used to cause physical harm to a person or damage to property, or temporary paralysis or loss of consciousness; or 
  • any object that the Minister has declared a hazardous object for the purposes of SASA by way of notice in the Government Gazette, unless such object is used for educational purposes. 
  • It also defines a “Illegal drug” as any illegal substance with an intoxicating effect.

At AISJ no person may:    

  • allow the use of any hazardous object on the school grounds;  
  • have any hazardous object on the school grounds;  
  • store any hazardous object on the school grounds, unless in officially designated places determined by the school principal;  
  • have any illegal drugs on the school grounds; 
  • enter the school grounds while under the influence of any illegal drug or alcohol;  
  • cause any form of violence or disorder that may have a negative effect on any school activity; 
  • knowingly condone, close his/her eyes to, hide, encourage or instigate the possession of any hazardous object, or refuse, fail or neglect to report the sighting or presence of any hazardous object on the school grounds to the departmental authorities or the police as soon as possible; and 
  • cause any direct or indirect harm to anyone who attempts to expose another who tries to frustrate the prevention of hazardous objects and activities. 
  • A police officer or, in his/her absence, the school director or his/her nominee may, without a warrant:  
  • search the school if he/she reasonably suspects that a hazardous object or illegal drug is present on the school grounds; 
  • search any person on the school grounds; and   
  • confiscate any hazardous object or illegal drug that is found on the school grounds or a person in contravention of the provisions of this policy. 

During a school activity, no educator, parent, learner or any other person may be in possession of or use any:   

  • alcohol; 
  • illegal drugs; 
  • illegal substances; or 
  • hazardous objects.

There is a strict ‘no smoking’ policy in force across the campus including all offices and buildings. 
Smoking is not allowed anywhere on site.

Duty not to interfere with, damage or misuse things
No person may intentionally or recklessly interfere with damage or misuse things provided for health or safety; this includes safety equipment and personal protective equipment. This includes fire fighting - and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

Dogs must not be brought onto campus except for security -, guide - and hearing dogs.

Driving On-site

  • Drive carefully and considerately on the site. There are a large number of children, so consider their safety. 
  • There is a site-wide speed limit of 30kph at AISJ. 
  • Do not park your vehicle anywhere other than a designated car park. 
  • Take special care in poor weather conditions, and use lights in low light conditions. 

Copy of the Occupational Health and Safety Act

  • Every employer with 5 or more persons in his employment must have a copy of the act and regulations available at the workplace. 
  • A copy of the act would be available at HR Office.
  • It could also be viewed or downloaded from the following link:

Safety files

  • All contractors and service provider companies who access the campus, are required to submit a Safety File to the Operations Office, before any work commences.  
  • These files need to be updated on a monthly basis.