Health And Safety Policy

The responsibility of management includes the defining of a Health and safety policy. Such a policy document gives direction to all AISJ organizational activities. It also provides the criteria to measure and evaluate efficiency.

Display of AISJ’s Health and Safety Policy

The policy will also be displayed on noticeboards throughout AISJ. Please familiarize yourself on a regular basis with this policy.

AISJ Health & Safety Policy (draft)

American International School of Johannesburg
Safety, Health, and Environmental Policy


The management of American International School of Johannesburg, striving for excellence in all we do, recognizes the impact that our activities may have on persons, property and the environment.

Vision Statement

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed, and courageously make a difference.

Mission Statement

Inspired Learners: Connected, Creative and Courageous.

Johannesburg Campus

Johannesburg campus - which includes Elementary, Middle and High School divisions - is set on 80 acres, 85 classrooms, 10 science laboratories, 2 computer laboratories, 3 libraries, 1 multipurpose gymnasium, 1 basketball/volleyball gymnasium, 2 presentation rooms, 3 soccer fields, a golf practice facility, a dance studio, a fitness center, 3 outdoor basketball courts (1 undercover court), 2 tennis courts, a Fine Arts Center, a lecture hall, an Aquatic Center with two pools, and a dining commons and a 520 seat Theater.

Pretoria Campus

The Pretoria campus has both an elementary school and a middle school in a Pre- Kindergarten to Grade 8 setting with a possible capacity in the future of just over 300 students. AISJ has committed to developing the Pretoria Campus’ academic and activities programs so that they support AISJ’s vision. In academics, sports, and the arts we seek to inspire the imaginations of all students and provide them with the skills and understandings necessary. This emphasis puts individual attention and motivation for learning at the heart of all we do.

AISJ strives to:

Implement and maintain, as far as is reasonably practicable, the activities of the school in such a manner, as to prevent harm or damage to persons and property respectfully.

Safety, health and protection of the environment will form an integral part of AISJ’s planning and decision making. We recognize that this involves more than simply putting good policies, systems and processes in place. Health and safety will be fully embedded in our everyday behavior so that it is part of the way things are done.

AISJ is committed to:

- Conducting our business with respect and care for people and the environment.
- Responsible utilization of natural resources.
- Continually improving our safety, health and environmental performance.
- Complying, as a minimum, with all applicable legal and other agreed requirements.
- Promoting dialogue with stakeholders about safety, health and environmental performance.

AISJ will achieve these by: 
- Implementing safety, health, environmental management system.
- Informing and appropriately training all employees and contractors on safety, health and environmental matters.
- Responding effectively to safety, health and environmental emergencies involving our actives and products.
- As far as reasonably practicable, providing appropriate resources required to implement the above.
- Ensure that the health, safety and environmental policy is reviewed at periods not exceeding three years from the effective date or by a date set by the Chief Executive Officer.