Incident of Duty Procedure

Employee / Student / Visitor injured reports to Medical Center.  
  • Nurse applies first aid (refers to doctor, hospital etc if necessary).
  • Nurse applies first aid (refers to doctor, hospital etc if necessary). 
  • The nurse informs Line Manager & Safety Officer
  • Nurse completes WCL 1
  • Files documentation in NOSA file
  • Medical Practitioner/Hospital completes online progress reports & resumption report.
  • Investigates incident/accident
  • Completes Incident investigation form
  • Recommends remedial / preventative action.
  • Forwards completed report to line manager for remedial action/preventative measures implementation.
  • If time-off injury completes leave form & submits to HR together with progress & resumption reports.
  • Implements remedial action/preventative measures
  • Completes Incident record, forwards to Safety Officer
Safety Officer
  • Checks remedial action implementation
  • Completes online notification to Dept. of labour
  • Issues Case number to Nurse & Line Manager
  • Collects leave form, progress reports & resumption report for personnel file.
  • Presents case & actions taken to H&S Committee
  • Places copy of the incident report on OneNote file after H&S Committee Chairman and 16(2) Employer representative signs off

H&S Committee discuss incident:

  • Evaluate remedial action
  • Make additional recommendation/s if necessary
  • Informs staff of incident & outcome
16(2) Employer Signs off after all above steps have been completed

Note: Personal medical and other confidential information is not to be shared at H&S Committee level. (PoPI Act).