Machinery & Equipment

Meaning of machinery

Means any article or combination of articles assembled, arranged or connected and which is used or intended to be used for converting any form of energy to perform work, or which is used or intended to be used, whether incidental thereto or not, for developing, receiving storing, containing, confining, transforming transmitting, transferring or controlling any form of energy. 


In relation to plant or machinery, means the person who uses plant or machinery for his own benefit or who has the right of control over the use of plant or machinery, but does not include a lessor of, or any person employed in connection with, that plant or machinery.  

Properly used

Means used with reasonable care and with due regard to any information, instruction or advice supplied by the designer, manufacturer, importer, seller or supplier.

Operator of machinery

Only trained and authorized persons and students may operate machinery.
Persons authorized to operate machinery:

  •  must be fully aware of the dangers attached thereto; and
  •  is conversant with the precautionary measures to be taken; or to prevent such dangers.

Portable Electrical Equipment

A large number of accidents at work involve portable electrical appliances, most through electrical shock.  All portable electrical equipment (appliances) on the premises of AISJ must be regularly inspected. 

During the inspection ensure that: 

  • The plug in a good condition; 
  • Electric cord in good condition and free from damage; 
  • No sign of physical damage to tool; 
  • Switch in working order; 
  • Safety guards fitted and in working order. 
  • Damaged tools to be repaired before used.

Other work equipment

If you use any equipment at work, either work provided or anything you have brought in to use for work, make sure you have been trained or have the appropriate skills and knowledge to use this equipment. 

A few simple rules are as follows: 

  • always read the safe operating procedures and guidance; 
  • wear appropriate protective clothing; 
  • tie hair or items of clothing that could get caught in machinery; 
  • don’t take shortcuts.

Condition of machinery

 All machinery must be:

  • installed, 
  • used and maintained, 
  • in a safe manner that does not expose persons to hazardous conditions.

Importance of maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to keep premises, equipment, machines and the work environment safe and reliable. It helps to eliminate workplace hazards.
Lack of maintenance or inadequate maintenance can lead to dangerous situations, accidents and health problems. 
It is important that a planned maintenance program is in place and that all maintenance work is risk assessed before beginning the task.