Weekly ES Principal Update - 11 August 2017
Posted 11-08-2017 02:28PM

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to school!! We have had a hugely successful start to school, welcoming back close to 60 new students on the first day. It has been wonderful to have the students back in classrooms and on the playground, making new friendships and establishing new connections and relationships.

This morning we had our first ES Assembly followed by a new parent coffee morning. Thanks to all those parents who came along. We love to see parents at Assemblies and school events, so please always feel welcome.

How do I sign up to receive the weekly Principal Newsletter?

Every Friday afternoon I send a weekly newsletter to parents. The only way to receive this communication is by logging on to the elementary school portal and subscribe through the account settings button. For detailed information on how to subscribe to ‘Alerts’, please click here.

Today, I am sending the weekly newsletter by email. As of next week, the only way you will receive this will be if you have subscribed.


Accessing Your Child’s Classroom Website

All of our teachers have updated their classroom websites. Hopefully, by now, you have been able to access these. If you are having difficulty accessing your teacher's site, please click here to access a help guide.


ES Portal

The ES Office will be adding important and relevant information to the ES Portal. We encourage parents to check here regularly to access school information.


Cafeteria Menu

This year, we will no longer be providing juice boxes with our school lunches. Due to environmental and health reasons, the decision was made to have students use their water bottles while in the cafeteria and this has worked well in the first week of school. for. The price of our lunch tickets was not increased, unlike previous years, and remains R30 (PK-2) and R40 (G3-5) for the 2017-2018 school year.


Speeding Concerns on the Ring Road

We would like to ask parents to watch their speed as they are driving on the ring road within school grounds. We have had several incidents of cars moving at speed, which is an obvious safety concern for us. Thanks in advance for your support with this issue.


Elementary School Co-Curricular Activity sign-ups- Season 1

To sign-up for all sports, academies (including swimming) and After School Activities, please follow the instructions below. The deadline date for registration is Friday, August 18th, no late submissions will be allowed but you will be able to view and change your selections up to that date. An email confirming selections and fees (if any) will be forwarded to parents by Wednesday, August 23rd.

Steps to Enrol for Co-Curricular Activities

1. Log on to your PowerSchool account (We recommend you use the Chrome or Firefox browser on a laptop or desktop computer)

2. Click on the child’s name at the top left of the PowerSchool window.

3. Click on ‘Ecollect Forms’ on the left of the window, see screenshot below.

4. Click on Activities ‘ES Season 1’

5. Edit and/or complete the information required, then click ‘Submit’.

6. Click on the next child’s name, and repeat steps 3-5


Meet and Greet Conferences

Hopefully, by now, you have managed to sign up for your child’s Meet and Greet Conference. Next week, the AISJ Elementary School will be holding Meet and Greet Conferences. This conference provides parents with an opportunity to meet their child’s teacher and share important and relevant information in regards to their child’s development. This is a chance for parents to share their insights about their child, and their hopes and dreams for the coming year. It also provides an opportunity for your child’s teacher to listen and gather valuable insight about your child, in an effort to meet their needs within the classroom.

Conferences are 15 minutes long and will take place on the following days:  Monday 14th August, Tuesday 15th August, Thursday 17th August and Friday 18th August.  There are no Meet and Greet Conferences on Wednesday afternoon due to the AISJ Professional Growth and Collaboration Time (PGCT). Teachers have all sent out links for sign ups, so please contact your child’s teachers if you are having trouble scheduling a time or need assistance.

ES Counsellor John Gaston

We are thrilled to welcome our new elementary counselor, John Gaston. Please click here to learn more about John, and his role in our school.


Finally, it has been great to meet so many new and returning families this week. I look forward to another year of learning and growth in the elementary school. Please feel free to stop by the ES Office, or drop me an email if I can be of help or assistance in any way.

Kind regards,




Ben Hart

Elementary Principal

Johannesburg Campus

Work: +27 (0)87 8091893





American International School of Johannesburg

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

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