Elementary School Weekly Update 5 October 2018
Posted 05-10-2018 04:22PM

Dear Parents,

Thanks to all the parents who attended Wednesday's Math Education Session. It was by far our best attended presentation during my time at AISJ. If you haven't had a chance already, please take some time to check out our math website.

Tomorrow we are hosting our 4th annual Maker Day. Thanks to Mr. Mark, Mr. Barton and all the teacher volunteers who are helping to bring making, innovating, tinkering and creating to life in our school.

International Day- Friday, October 12th

International Day is one of the highlights on the AISJ calendar. Each year, students decide which country they will represent, and come dressed representing that country. Below are details for both the Parade of Nations and the International Food Festival which happen on the same day.

Parade of Nations

  • All students will come to school representing their nationality. They might choose to dress according to a relevant colour theme, in traditional clothing or in a costume of their choice.
  • It is important that as a family you make a clear decision as to which country you choose to represent, as students throughout the entire school (Pre-K-12) will be divided up according to their choice of nationality.
  • If your child has multiple nationalities to choose from, it is important that you choose only ONE country for them to represent, otherwise it will be confusing for them and us on the day. Some families choose alternate countries to represent each year.
  • The Parade of Nations will begin at 9:00am. on the main field in front of the school.
  • All parents will be invited to sit at the soccer stand seating between the field and the road.
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own flag to wave during the parade and these should be clearly named.
  • At the conclusion of the parade, students will return to their homerooms and prepare to head up towards the cafeteria for lunch. We ask that parents do not go to homerooms after the parade as we try to get ES students up to the Kgoro quickly.

International Festival of Food

  • All elementary students will eat their lunch first, from 10:20am.-11:30am. in the Kgoro area.
  • Due to the high numbers of students to feed, we are asking parents to only eat food from the parent station, set up by Teaching and Learning
  • Please remember your child will still need to bring a morning and afternoon snack to school, and a water bottle and hat to wear outside.
  • Many parents have volunteered to help out on the day, and I would like to thank all of you for your time, especially the country Ambassadors for helping to organise this event.

We strongly advise that you apply sunblock to your child in the morning, prior to coming to school.

Thanks in advance for your support of International Day.



  1. The 12th October will be an early-release day, which means the school day will end at 13h30.


  1. All children leaving with parents before 13h30, will be required to show a School Slip, 1 per each child, at Security on exit. i.e. if the car has 3 kids, all 3 kids will have to show a school slip, otherwise the car will not be allowed to exit. No School Slip per child, NO EXIT.


  1. Security will be setting up a Checkpoint before the main gates for this purpose.


  1. JHB Parents can obtain School Slips from Divisional Offices. Elementary teachers will also have these available for parents who pick their child up directly from classrooms.

The purpose of the School Slips is to ensure student safety. We need to keep account of students' whereabouts on the day, and with so much going on, this is a system that works well for all students and families.

 Parent Teacher Conferences with Specialists

We look forward to welcoming parents on Wednesday and Thursday for parent/teacher conferences.

  • All specialists (PE, Art, Music and Spanish) will be available for parent teacher conferences next Wednesday, Oct 10, 2:00-4:00pm and Thursday, Oct 11, 7:30-3:30pm.
  • You are encouraged to make an appointment with the relevant specialist teacher if you would like to meet with them regarding your child. You are also able to drop-in during these times as well.
  • Gr 3-5 specialists will be in the Art room (ES 11) and Spanish will be next door in Spanish classroom ES 13. Gr K-2 specialists will be in the lower ES art room (ES 10) and Spanish will be in the Spanish classroom next door (ES 12).

School Director Search Update

Our search consulting firm, RG175, represented by Coreen R. Hester and Mark E. Ulfers, has prepared a short survey to gather feedback for the School Director search. We are interested in your opinions about the current state of the School, the opportunities and challenges it faces, and the professional and personal qualities you feel are important in the next School Director.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey by clicking on the link below and complete by Friday, October 12, 2018.


Thank you for your continued engagement and support of AISJ.



Aliya Masood

Chair, School Director Search Committee

Message from the Medical Centre

Please be reminded to inform the medical centre if your child has been diagnosed with a serious or infectious illness. Parents are encouraged to speak to the nurses for advice on medical treatment or for seeing a doctor. For more information regarding our procedures, please check out the ES Handbook.


Important Elementary Events




October 6th

Maker Day


October 10th 2:00-4:00

Parent Teacher Conferences

ES Classrooms

October 11th (All Day)

Parent Teacher Conferences

No school for ES Students

ES Classrooms

October 12th

International Day

Parade of All Nations @ 9am

International Food Festival from 10:20- 11:30 (for ES students)


AISJ Field


Early Release

October 15th – 19th

School Holiday


Ben Hart

ES Principal



Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

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