Elementary School Weekly Update 16 November 2018
Posted 16-11-2018 03:23PM

Dear Parents,

Thanks to all of you who attended the Grade 4 Assembly on Thursday. It was great to have so many of you there, to celebrate the learning on display. For those of you who missed it (or for those who would like to re-watch), we have uploaded the Grade 4 Assembly video link so you can watch at your convenience.

Students also LOVED attending the Book Fair these past three days. Thanks to Ms. Leonie for organising this event.

Chris Hani Hospital Toy Drive

Thanks to all of you who donated presents for the children at Chris Hani Hospital. The official total, straight from Kuhle our StuCo President, was 431. An amazing effort and I know this will make a lot of children very happy when they get delivered during tomorrow's festivities. A HUGE thank you to our Student Council, Karen Vicente and Lee Chadderton for helping to lead out with this important Service Learning initiative in our school.

ES Sports Day

 Please note that there will be no cafeteria lunch on Sports Day. Students must bring a packed lunch from home that does not need to be warmed up.

 The Elementary School Sports Day will be held next Wednesday 21st November from 11:00 – 1:00. The goal of Sports Day is to showcase some of the concepts that we work on in PE classes, such as collaboration, teamwork and exercise through a variety of fun activities. This year, we will be playing all together in cross grade-level teams that include students from preK- Gr 5. Each team is part of a wider colour group, and students are asked to wear a t-shirt in the colour of their team for Sports Day.

We have been telling students what colour t-shirt they need to wear, and just in case they have not been coming home to tell you, I have attached a document here with the team colours and students' names. Please have a look so that you will know what colour to send your child/children in on Wednesday 21st (FYI – brothers and sisters are in the same colour groups.)

Click here for the list of teams and their colours

What to wear/bring

  • appropriate activity clothing (shorts, t-shirts, exercise pants)
  • running shoes and socks
  • hats
  • water bottle (clearly labelled)sunscreen
  • change of clothes and shoes (There are some water games and students should not go home in wet clothes)

Our activities start at 11:00, so students will be eating lunch earlier than usual. All the kids are looking forward to Sports Day and we hope that many of you will be able to come to help and watch.



Mrs Ferguson and Mr Keet

ES PE Department

Health Reminder from the Medical Office

If a student has one of the following medical conditions they should not be sent to school:

·         Fever

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  • Active head lice (not nits)
  • Any other contagious condition

Parents should not medicate students with fever-reducing medication in order to send them to school as it only masks the symptoms and does not treat the cause of the fever. Students must be symptom-free for 24 hours off medication before returning to school. If any of these conditions develop during the school day, the parent will be contacted to collect the student from school, as they are responsible to obtain medical care and treat the student at home.

Parents MUST inform the Medical Centre if their child has a diagnosed, contagious condition. If you are unsure, it is always best to call the Medical Centre and ask for advice. AISJ requires confirmation of a diagnosis in writing from a doctor, as often there is confusion or misdiagnosis and we want to be careful not to cause unnecessary alarm in our community without a positive diagnosis. If the test is positive, the student will be excluded from school for the required period of time and AISJ will inform relevant parents via email so the necessary precautions can be taken and parents can be on the lookout for symptoms.

More detailed information regarding our Medical Centre procedures can be found in the Elementary School Handbook.


Digital Detox: Dr. Belsham's Presentation

On Wednesday, we were fortunate to have a guest speaker, Dr. Brendan Belsham, come and talk about the challenges around parenting in relation to screen time. His presentation can be found on the ES Portal. Thanks to all those who attended. We hope you found it helpful and plan on facilitating a follow up discussion after Christmas to allow more time for discussion on this important topic that we are all facing and grappling with as parents.

Re-Run Store Initiative

We are pleased to announce the beginning of a new community initiative called the ReRun Store. The Store will serve as a thrift shop of sorts, selling used items to members of the AISJ staff. These items may range from appliances to electronics to furniture (pots, pans, crockery, dishes, towels, sheets, toasters, to name a few). The store's inventory will consist entirely of donations. These are items that may be donated as a result of moving, spring cleaning, etc. As a result of their having been donated, the ReRun Store will be able to sell these items at a substantial discount, thus allowing the staff to purchase items at an affordable rate. The profit made by the ReRun Store will then be recycled back into the AISJ community. At this point, we are not taking clothes, but we are taking shoes.

Drop off point for items will be the main school parking lot by the Aquatics Center, between the hours of 7:00 am - 8:00 am every Thursday. I will be available to meet you with your donated items starting on Thursday, November 22.

If you are moving or spring cleaning and have something to donate, please let us know. You can contact Rhona Polonsky at rpolonsky@aisj-jhb.com.

At present, the ReRun Store will be in the Elementary room 21. The store will eventually be moved to a better location. Once we have a collection of items, we will open to the staff and publicize the times and dates of opening.

Thank you,

Rhona Polonsky and members of the ReRun Store!


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Important Elementary Events




Nov 21st

ES Sports Day

Top Field @ 10:30am

Early Release

@ 1:30

Nov 22-23

Thanksgiving Holiday (no school for students)


Nov 27

Milestone Fundraiser Concert


Dec 7

Grade 1 Music Share

8am @ AISJ Theatre

Dec 10-14

No CCA's for ES & MS Students


Dec 12

ES Report Cards Released on PowerSchool

@ 9am

Dec 14

Early Release

@ 1:30pm

Dec 15- Jan 4

School Holiday



Ben Hart 

ES Principal

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

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