Elementary School Weekly Update 8 February 2019
Posted 08-02-2019 03:42PM

Dear Parents,

Welcome home to our Grade 5 students who enjoyed a successful camp experience at Lapalala Wilderness Camp. There were some very tired campers coming off the bus this afternoon, smiling but looking forward to the comforts of home. Thanks to our Grade 5 team and supporting teachers who helped to make this a memorable experience for our students.

We are excited to be offering our first ever 'live labsite' math parent education session on Monday morning. This is an opportunity for parents to watch math in action in 3 classrooms across grades 1-4. The teachers who will be leading these sessions have planned to showcase specific aspects of math instruction and learning, so although it will not be a 'typical' math lesson, our purpose is to give parents an insight into the way math is being taught and more importantly the way students are collaborating and communicating their mathematical thinking and strategies. We hope many of you are able to attend this workshop. We will begin in the library at 7:40am sharp, where Jill and myself will explain how the morning will go. We are running to a strict timetable, and will need to start promptly to ensure we get through the sessions and ask that parents are seated in the library at 7:40am.


Woodrock Visit and Drive - Valentine's Day Service Learning Celebration

Thanks to all of the families who have already donated items for Woodrock. There is still time to bring things in next week. Grade 2 will be presenting all the donations on behalf of the elementary school at approximately 10:10am on Thursday next week. Thanks to our Parent Association, and elementary representatives, Claire Hauxwell and Yvonne Oosenbrug, for helping to make this event possible.

This coming Thursday, students will have the chance to interact with the dogs, and learn more about how Woodrock helps care for animals in need. We are also looking to support Woodrock by raising as many items to donate. We would appreciate any of the items below, and these can be brought to school and left in a donation box in the ES Office. All items will be given to Woodrock on Valentine's Day by our Grade 2 students. Thanks to Claire Hauxwell, our elementary school PA Coordinator, for helping to arrange this event.

•            Bin Bags

•            Milbemax dewormers for cats and dogs

•            Roll dustbins with lids/heavy duty mops/buckets/dishpans

•            Dish Liquid/Handy Andy

•            Cat Litter

•            Cat Sachets/ Tuna/ Pilchards

•            Cat Toys/ Scratching Posts/ Cocoons

•            Puppy Pellets/kibbles

•            Dog/Puppy Toys

•            Puppy Food

•            Wet Wipes/Cotton Wool/Swabs

•            Coffee/Tea/Milk/Sugar for the staff

•            Puppy Blankets

•            Royal Canine Kitten Milk

•            Chicken Feed/Rabbit Feed

•            Kitten sachets

•            Can Openers

•            Felisine/Nutristem/Canigest/Protexin - (health nutrients available from vets)

Congratulations to our AISJ Equestrian Students

Last weekend, a number of ES students proudly represented AISJ at the South African National Equestrian School's Association first event of the year. After a grueling weekend of mud, sweat and manure, AISJ is in a very strong position and our athletes returned home with many a rosette and many points for the school. Congratulations to the following athletes:

Süntje Streichert             2 second places and an 8th (out of 32 horses)

Addi Hauxwell                  6th and 10th

Elyse Hauxwell                 In the top third of all her classes

Noya Bar                           Excellent effort, lots of learning

Luna Daignault                 First time representing AISJ, 14th place

Katheryn Stock                 7th and in the top third of most of her classes, first time off lead rein.

Specialist Assemblies

This year we have added something new to our assembly schedule by including two Specialist assemblies in addition to Grade Level assemblies. Our first Specialist Assembly was in January involving selected students in Grades 3-5 who showcased their learning in Art, Music, PE and Art. We realise that there was some confusion as it hadn't been clearly communicated and I apologize for this mistake. Our next Specialist assembly takes place on February 28th @ 8am in the Theatre and will involve selected students from PK-2.

International Mother Language Day

February 21st is International Mother Language Day.  We are planning on having language stations at the American international School of Johannesburg (JHB campus) where students in elementary school can learn about new languages or different things about languages they already know.  We did this last year with great success having 13 different languages represented.

We are asking parents to please come share your amazing languages with our students. If you are available and willing to come that day, please let Adam Meier know if you are willing to volunteer as soon as possible  ameier@aisj-jhb.com.


Fundraiser for High School Prom Event

Parent Education Session with Writing Consultant Matt Glover


Valentine's Day Treats

Dear AISJ Community,

With Valentine's Day coming up next week, the cafeteria will have Valentine's Day themed cupcakes, doughnuts, and lamingtons on sale from Monday to Friday. Please note that these items will only be on sale for the duration of these days.


Just a reminder that there are currently no CCA's for elementary students due to the break in Seasons 2 & 3.  Season 3 activities begin again on Tuesday, February 19th through until May 3rd/4th.

Important Elementary Events




Feb 5- Feb 8

Grade 5 Camp


Lapalala Wilderness Camp

Thur, Feb 14

Woodrock Visit

ES House Event Launch


Fri, Feb 15

Early Release


@ 1:30pm

Mon, Feb 18

Professional Development Day for teachers



Thur, Feb 21

International Mother Language Day


10:30am- 2pm in ES

Parent Education Workshop with internationally renowned writing consultant Matt Glover


2:10pm- 3:30pm in ES Library

(Child Care will be provided)

Tues, Feb 19

Season 3 Co-Curricular Activities begin



Thur, Feb 28

PK- Grade 2 Specialist Assembly

(selected students in PK-2 will showcase their learning in Art, Music, PE, Spanish)

AISJ Theatre @ 8am

Thur, March 7

Student Led Conferences


Fri, March 15

CANSA Spray-A-Thon

Festival of Running


Early Release

@ 1:30pm

Mar 18- 22

School Holiday



Ben Hart

ES Principal




Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

Together we dare to imagine, inspire to succeed and courageously make a difference.

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