My name is Tara Barton and I’m the Pre-K to Grade 12 Service Learning Coordinator. I previously taught at International School Manila in the Philippines for 6 years, in Kuwait at the American International School for 3 years, and in Australia for 9 years.My role here at AISJ is to work with the Teaching and Learning team and faculty on curriculum development as we collaboratively embed service learning into the curriculum from Pre-k to Grade 12.We want our community to understand that Service Learning is what we do at AISJ, and to do this we will explicitly link service into our curriculum.If you have ideas you would like to share about Service Learning, or would like to get involved in supporting our program, please let me know. We have an amazing faculty committed to Service Learning here at AISJ. For more information on our Service Learning Activities please have a look at our Activities pages on the top menu. Please feel free to contact me or any of our wonderful supervisors for more information. We look forward to your support and commitment to our Service Learning program at AISJ.

Warm Regards,

Tara Barton 

Pre K- 12 Service Learning Coordinator 


AISJ’s Service Learning program enables students to actively engage in, lead, and understand meaningful service by responding to genuine needs of the community in working together in collaboration. This will be achieved through the delivery of an integrated service learning curriculum and the development of sustainable projects embedded within student learning.

Core Values

  • Students learn from, and are enriched by, the perspectives of others.
  • We have a responsibility to the community in which we live.
  • Meaningful service is best achieved through sustainable service partnerships.
  • Service is best learned when it is integrated into curriculum.
  • Meaningful service is achieved through the five standards of service learning: Investigating, Planning and Preparation, Action, Reflection and Demonstration/ Communication.
  • Leadership, teamwork, communication, and mutual respect are fundamental for successful service experiences.


  • To have everyone involved in service learning
  • To bring about authentic social change through community collaboration and development
  • To enhance and improve the lives of others
  • To develop sustainable service partnerships with the local community
  • To provide authentic leadership opportunities
  • To embed an integrated service learning curriculum
  • To develop resources and support systems to enable effective, sustainable, and meaningful service learning.

Types of Services

When embedding service learning into unit planning one must consider the types of service available.

Direct- Where students are working in a direct collaboration with the community.

Indirect- This is where students are working on service in an indirect way with the community.

Research- Where students conduct research, collate data and share finding with the community.

Advocacy- Where students are advocating for the rights of others in the community.

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