Welcome to Activities at AISJ 

Greetings from the Activities Office!

Our team of dedicated individuals are here to offer and provide support of most programs that happen outside of the regular academic day.  These programs are incredibly fulfilling and fun for both our students, but also for the teachers and administrators that support them.  We hope you will help us reach our goal that all students should be involved in at least one activity per season while balancing the commitment with the academic demands of our school.

The American International School of Johannesburg offers a diverse selection of co-curricular programs under 6 distinct headings: Athletics, Academies, Performing/Fine Arts, Service Learning, ASA’s (After School Activities), and Clubs.  The department of Activities and Athletics manages these programs with the exception of Service Learning programs. 

Participation in Co-curricular programs supplements the development of the whole child and their educational experience.  Here are some of the reasons why we value our programs that are scheduled outside of the academic schedule.  

Sports  -  Highly competitive, fully school funded, and seasonal sports teams that compete against other schools and are supported by the ISSEA organization (an international organization of schools).

Academies - Supplementary high-level parent funded training for the Athletics programs, the Academies are not bound to one annual season.

Performing / Fine Arts - Band, Choir, and Drama ensembles rehearse after school towards large school performances and events such as ISSEA or school divisional musicals and plays.

Service Learning - Student leadership groups working within the community to improve the lives of others and to give back to the less fortunate.

ASA’s - Seasonal teacher, parent, or outside hire sponsored activities which range in organizational level from low (Lego Build) to high (Little Lab Coats).  ASA’s are generally more popular with our younger students, are one meeting per week during a set season, and may incur participation fee.

Clubs - Clubs are generally a higher level of organization the ASA’s.  They are not restricted to seasons, may meet multiple times per week or have a unique meeting schedule, may be arts or athletic in nature,  and often involve student leadership roles.  Clubs generally target an end product or event, may require a participation fee, and generally depend on student interest or teacher initiative.

Physical Activity - Participation in sports develops the body physically while teaching teamwork, fair play, and cooperation with others.

Time Management / Commitment - Basic commitment and organizational skills become good habits as kids organize their schedules, supplies, and equipment ahead of time in order to be ready for the activity as well as stay current with the academic demands of an exceptional school. 

Making a Contribution - Co-curricular activities allow your child to make a contribution in some way. It shows that they are getting away from just thinking about themselves and contributing to something else.

Stress Release - Activities of all nature are excellent outlets for student energies and provide an opportunity to unwind from the stresses of a heavy academic load.

Building Confidence - After-school activities teach specific skills but are also an opportunity for kids to learn social skills like cooperation, negotiation, and conflict resolution.

Once again, the Activities Office is here to support your co-curricular needs and dreams.  

David Goetz 

JHB Pre K-12 Activities Coordinator 

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