Roles & Responsibilities

Safeguarding Committee 

This committee is a working group of members who have the collective responsibility of implementing, managing, and annual review of all aspects of the AISJ Safeguarding Program. 

Safeguarding Response Team (SRT)

The members and size of any response team will vary on a case by case basis.  At a minimum, the SRT will consist of the Designated Safeguarding Lead, a Counselor and a Divisional Principal. Other individuals such as the  School Director, School Nurse or  IT staff may also serve on the SRT, as applicable. Depending on the case, individuals with specific expertise may be called on (eg. legal, medical professional, mental health professional.)

Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL) 

The DSL serves as one of the lead contacts for core aspects of the program such as incident disclosures, inquiries, education, supervision, and health, social, and emotional support. The DSL will maintain up-to-date professional development training in child protection in order to implement best practices within their specific roles.

AISJ Employees, Interns, and Volunteers

All individuals who are employed or engaged by the school and whose duties include contact with children are mandated to sign and abide by the AISJ Safeguarding Agreement (refer to Safeguarding Agreement section and Appendix D) and follow the safeguarding policies and procedures as outlined in this handbook. This includes substitutes, contracted instructors, and external coaches.

Contracted Partner Agencies, Vendors, and Invited Guests

All significant partner agencies, vendors, and invited guests who are defined as such by written contracts with the school, are informed of the AISJ safeguarding policies and procedures, and may or may not be mandated to undergo background screening and sign the AISJ Safeguarding Agreement for non-employees, depending on their contact with students.

AISJ Parents

All parents play a vital role in protecting the safety and well-being of students through prevention, education, support, and reporting.