Recruitment & Selection of Staff

Ensuring that all current and potential employees, outsourced contractors, interns, and volunteers are safe to work with children is paramount to the safeguarding at AISJ. A thorough and standardized process applies to the recruitment and hiring of personnel, and includes the following

  • Advertisements for vacancies which clearly state that safeguarding policies and procedures are enforced for all employees at AISJ, and screening procedures will take place during recruitment.

  • Criminal background checks which are undertaken for all newly hired and contracted employees.

  • The requirement that all potential employees sign a self-disclosure statement reporting any criminal or misdemeanour convictions. 

  • Attentiveness will be paid to anything suspicious in employment history (including gaps), and the use of references to clarify any areas of concern. 

  • At least one interview question will include a child safeguarding question or scenario to gauge appropriateness of response.

  • The employee must read, understand and agree to comply with the AISJ Safeguarding Policies as part of the terms and conditions of employment. 

  • A minimum of two professional references shall be required, at least one of which will be a verbal reference check.

  • The verbal reference check will include questions about the candidate’s safety in working with children.