Johannesburg Elementary School

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You will find the elementary school to be a special and unique place, where wonder and curiosity thrive and student learning is placed at the heart of all that we do.

Our school is a “mini world within a school” where students from over 72 nationalities gather to learn and grow in a warm and enriching environment; where friends are made based upon the goodness of their hearts and not the country of origin.





The AISJ vision encapsulates it well:

Inspire learning to build our better world.

The elementary years of school lay the foundation for a life of learning. During these early years, we have the opportunity to observe students grow and achieve many important milestones in their lives. Walking throughout the classrooms and buildings of our school, you will find inquisitive, friendly, and happy children learning together while having fun doing it.

Our developmentally designed curriculum is aimed to meet the varying needs of students from diverse backgrounds. The Elementary School uses a balanced literacy approach to teaching reading and writing. Readers and Writers Workshop are at the core of our literacy program. We dedicate large blocks of time to teaching literacy throughout our school and want our students to live a literate-rich life while instilling a life-long love of reading and writing.

Our math program is designed to promote problem-solving and mathematical reasoning. Emphasis is placed on developing strong number sense in students while learning multiple strategies to problem solve and explain mathematical thinking and reasoning.

Our students visit specialist teachers in art, music, physical education, library, and Spanish. We have a strong learning support program where learning support teachers and our counselor work with students who require academic, social and/or English language support. Our elementary counselor and counseling program supports students, parents, and staff. We recognize the important role families play in the development of their child's academic and social growth.

We welcome your involvement in our community and look forward to you becoming an active participant in your child's school life. We hope like us, you come to know the Elementary School as a place where children learn and grow in a safe, warm and engaging environment.

Dr. Shannon McMahon
JHB Elementary School Principal