Language Arts


We at the American International School of Johannesburg (AISJ) believe that our role as educators is to develop and reinforce the literacy learning that begins in a child’s home and community.

The foundation of our balanced literacy program is a multicultural, standards-based K-12 curriculum emphasizing comprehensive skill development in four primary areas: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Through a wide range of assessments, our curriculum encourages the consistent growth of critical and creative thinking, quality communication, independence and reflection at developmentally appropriate levels.

AISJ advocates a student-centered, collaborative and cross- curricular approach in support of balanced literacy. Diverse opportunities are provided for students to experience and process language created for a variety of purposes and audiences. Such an approach, we believe, will best prepare and empower them to become responsible, lifelong learners and competent, compassionate, effective communicators.


Standard 1: 

Learners understand that the application of reading skills and strategies empower us to comprehend a variety of texts.

Standard 2: 

Learners understand that the application of writing skills and strategies empower us to create a variety of texts.

Standard 3: 

Learners are able to apply listening and speaking skills and strategies to communicate effectively (transdisciplinary).

Standard 4: 

Learners understand that conventions enable us to communicate effectively.