The philosophy of the AISJ mathematics program is to provide our diverse learners with:

  • a solid mathematical background
  • a nurturing learning environment which fosters an appreciation for mathematics and opportunities for discovery and risk-taking
  • an ability to communicate their understanding
  • a belief that there is a mathematician within them
  • the ability to make connections to the world around them
  • opportunities to develop logical and analytical reasoning skills

Through this, we empower our learners to successfully apply their skills in a variety of contexts with confidence and perseverance.


Standard 1: Number and Algebra

Students understand that numbers and algebra represent and quantify our world and can be used to solve problems

Standard 2: Measurement and Geometry

Students understand that measurement and geometry model and quantify structures in our world and can be used to solve problems

Standard 3: Statistics and Probability

Students understand that data analysis can help us interpret and make predictions about our world

Achievement Standards examine understanding, fluency, problem-solving and reasoning at each grade level with more specific descriptors included within each curriculum document.