Students with Learning Differences

AISJ embraces the belief that neurodiversity is the norm and that inclusion of diverse learning needs enriches the larger community. The school is committed to providing both early intervention which is responsive to the developing needs of students and individualized programs of support to students with identified learning needs.  We believe equity in education means that students have access to learning environments and experiences that are both supportive, challenging and personalized to their unique learning needs.

All teachers have a shared responsibility in the development of supportive learning environments and thus Individualized Learning Plans are created in collaboration with students, parents, counselors, Learning Support Teachers, and Class Teachers which are informed by the unique strengths and needs of the student, often identified by a formal assessment, and articulates interventions and accommodations required for the student to be successful. 

At AISJ we are able to provide support in the form of targeted intervention and accommodations to students who can access the general curriculum. We are also able to provide alternate and modified curriculum for students with intellectual and developmental disorders through our Life Skills Pathway, though there are additional fees associated with this service. We limit the number of students who receive Learning Support based on the capacity of Learning Support Teachers to meet their needs and to balance the learning needs of classes and grade levels to ensure a diversity of learners in our community. 

We work with outside Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Play Therapists, and others to meet the needs of students who might require services that we do not provide. We are lucky in Johannesburg and Pretoria to have a wide range of outside, English speaking resources available to our families.

If your child has identified learning differences, their admissions file will be reviewed by the Inclusion Services Coordinator, the Counselor, and the Principal of the division to which they are applying to ensure that we are able to meet their needs should they enter our community. In order to make that decision, you must provide any of the following relevant documents: a current psycho-educational evaluation, a current Individual Learning Plan, Speech and Language Assessment and progress notes, Occupational Therapy Assessment and Progress notes, previous report cards, and confidential references.  It is also very common during this process for us to ask to speak to a current class or learning support teacher to better understand the needs of the student in the classroom.