Service Learning

Service Learning Mission

AISJ's service learning program enables students to actively engage in, lead and understand meaningful service by responding to genuine needs of the community.  This will be achieved through the delivery of an integrated service learning curriculum and the development of sustainable projects.


Standard 1: Investigate

Learners will understand that investigating the needs of the community makes service effective.

Standard 2: Preparation and Planning

 Learners understand that preparation and planning ensure that goals and needs are met.

Standard 3: Action

 Learners understand that implementing a plan of action generates change and results.

Standard 4: Reflection (trans-disciplinary)

 Learners understand that reflection is ongoing, prompting deep thinking and analysis about oneself, and one’s relationship to society.

Standard 5:  Demonstration/Communication (trans-disciplinary)

Learners recognize that through demonstration and communication they solidify their understanding and evoke response from others.