World Languages


Language Learning at AISJ develops language competency in a conceptual and personalized manner while nurturing identity and culture. Learners are immersed in authentic communicative contexts, utilizing diverse resources to establish global connections.


Standard 1: 
Speaking. Learners engage in conversations, provide information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinion.
Standard 2: 

Listening. Learners understand and interpret spoken language on a variety of topics.

Standard 3: 

Reading. Learners read and understand information and ideas on a variety of topics to a range of audiences.

Standard 4: 

Writing. Learners write and present information on a variety of topics to a range of audiences.

Standard 5: 

Culture. Learners understand that there is a relationship between the language and culture of the target language.

Please note that students study World Languages at different levels according to the determination of the student’s incoming abilities and progress during their time at AISJ.

(Due to a different scheduling format on our Pretoria campus, the World Languages curriculum, while still following common Standards and Benchmarks, looks a little different).