Service Learning

What is Service Learning? 

Service Learning is one of the four pillars at AISJ. It connects positive and meaningful action in the community with academic learning, personal growth, and social responsibility. Service Learning empowers students to develop new skills and knowledge through integrated connections to the curriculum.


AISJ Service Learning connects students to the community through genuine engagement in collaborative, meaningful action. Students apply knowledge, skills, and understandings in authentic contexts.


We believe Service learning is achieved through the effective implementation through the five stages of investigation, planning, action, reflection and demonstration/communication.

To this end, our Service Learning Goals are to:

  • Engage all stakeholders in meaningful action
  • Develop meaningful curricular connections and cultural understanding
  • Enhance and enrich the lives of others
  • Build leadership capacity
  • Develop ongoing relationships that enhance our sustainable and reciprocal partnerships and collaborative
  • Transfer and apply understanding of global and local issues


AISJ’s service learning program enables students to actively engage in, lead, and understand meaningful service by responding to genuine needs of the community. This will be achieved through the delivery of an integrated service learning curriculum and the development of sustainable projects.


  • To involve everyone in service learning
  • To bring about authentic social change through community collaboration and development
  • To enhance and improve the lives of others
  • To develop sustainable collaboratives/partnerships with the local community
  • To provide authentic leadership opportunities
  • To integrate service learning into the curriculum
  • To develop resources and support systems to enable effective, sustainable, and meaningful service learning